Pizza Volante FAQ

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How long do you stay for?

We require approximately 90 minutes to set up and prepping of ingredients, 2.5 hours to make and serve the pizzas and 1 hour to pack up.

How big is the pizza oven and trailer?

Our pizza oven is the largest mobile traditional stone oven in Australia. Setting up our professional kitchen, including a kitchen sink to our pizza magic. We require a minimum of 6 meters/long by 3 metres/wide of relatively flat space to accommodate the trailer and marquee kitchen.

Do you offer gluten free pizzas? Yes

However our kitchen is not Gluten Free (GF) as we make our own wheat sourdough bases. We use GF ingredients and separate GF cutters, we cannot guarantee cross contamination will not occur.

We are getting a cake, do we need dessert pizzas?

Dessert pizzas are a divine way to end the food service. Most people have never eaten dessert pizzas and are amazed by the flavour sensations we have designed and created.

Can I choose what pizzas you cook?  Yes

We encourage our party hosts to select their desired pizza  flavours from our menu.
You can choose as many  flavours as you would like your guests to indulge in.

Do you make your own pizza bases?   Yes

Sandro, owner and chef of Pizza Volante, started prefecting the light crispy sourdough base we enjoy today, during his training as a Pizza chef in Italy over 20 years ago.

What if we have less people than we booked for?

When we take your booking we note your rough estimate of guests. Final pizza numbers are confirmed one week prior to your party/event. If your guests don't consume all the pizzas you ordered, they will be boxed and left with the host. These can be a delectable midnight snack, breakfast or even frozen for a fast sumptuous dinner at a later date.

How do I pay you, can I do a bank deposit? 

Please see our terms & conditions