Catering Menu

All of our pizzas are crafted on Pizza Volante's handmade sourdough bases with traditional tomato sugo and pure mozzarella. Pizzas are 12 inches (30cm) and are cut into eight (8) pieces. Gluten & Dairy free Pizzas & Breads available on requested.

Classic Pizza Menu

DALLORTO   grilled eggplant, roasted capsicum, artichoke & olives

QUATTRO  gorgonzola, parmigiano, cheddar & mozzarella

VEGE VOLANTE   artichokes, capers, olives & mushrooms

POLLO  chicken, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms & rosemary

RUSTICA  pulled peppered beef, semidried tomatoes & bocconcini

DELIZIOSA   pepperoni, ham, beef & sausage

CAPRICCIOSA   ham, mushrooms, artichoke & anchovies or capers

DIAVOLA   pepperoni, ham and mild chilli flakes

MAGHERITA   mozzarella, fresh basil & tomato "sugo"

COTTO  free range ham & cheese

BUONA   ham, mushroom & olives

Classic Dessert Pizzas Menu

ROSSA   raspberries, white chocolate & cream

BOMBA  nutella & cream

Gourmet Pizza Menu

PANCETTA   shaved pancetta, rosemary & crowned with crispy potato lace

GARLIC PRAWNS   prawns, ricotta, garlic, chilli, oregano & capers

BYRONIAN   organic sweet potato, roasted macadamia pesto & baby spinache

FUNGHI   slow cooked porcini & field mushrooms with creamy gorgonzola

SALMONE   smoked salmon, ricotta, capers & baby spinache

GUSTOSA   pepperoni, ricotta, olives, garlic & capers

CRUDO   proschiutto crudo& rocket over gorgonzda & mixed cheeses

VERDE   pesto, green olives, baby spinache topped with crispy potato lace

Gourmet Dessert Pizza Menu

CARAMELLA   banana, blueberries, caramel sauce & cream

FRAGOLOSA   strawberries, banana, dark chocolate & cream

Tiramisu Dessert

Available on request

Bases - Sugo - Cheeses - Ingredients

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Pizza Volante sources most of its ingredients within Australia, supporting local business and reducing its carbon footprint.