About Us

Homesick for the taste of his native Italy, Sandro, Pizza Volante’s co-owner and chef, built his very own traditional woodfired pizza oven so he could satisfy his craving for home. But what’s a pizza if it is not shared?

So Sandro and his lovely wife, Melinda, invited family and friends around to share their wonderful pizzas and experience the true taste of Italy. The joy of being surrounded by those who enjoyed the taste of la pizza Italiana cured Sandro’s home sickness.

Word quickly spread and Sandro was asked if he could make his fabulous pizza for others, and so Pizza Volante Mobile Woodfired Pizzeria was born.

Born in Fermo, Italy, Sandro apprenticed with some of the region's finest pizza chefs and learnt the subtleties, skills and knowledge of pizza perfection... della pizza perfetta.

To ensure that Pizza Volante remained true to Italian culture Sandro imported a Di Fiore pizza oven from Italy. Upon its arrival Sandro started to build and designed what you see today, a four tonne trailer with a fully equipped stainless steel kitchen which is second to none with its very own private cold storage, so all ingredients remain fresh and ready to use.

Pizza Volante would like to thank those below for their time, effort and support.
Charise Kennedy
Karen Sanders
Del and Ken Smith
Sandro's Mamma Giuliana
The Robberts Family
Dale Ballentine Photography
Rod Buchholz Photography
Kate McGain

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